World War II

The F2 & Barge YC21

WWII Escort Vessel – Flottenbegleiter Nummer Zwei
Built at Germainiawerft, Kiel 1935
Length: 75.94 metres
Beam: 8.8 metres
Draught: 3.24 metres
Displacement: 800 tonnes

The F2 lies on her port side in about 18 metres of water. The bridge remains intact however astern of this the wreck has been dispersed by the royal navy. The bow still has the anchor capstan and chain clearly visible with the forward 4.1 inch gun behind this. The F2 would have had several anti-aircraft guns when she sank. These have since been salvaged by a vessel called the YC21, fortunately this barge also sank some 30 metres from the F2 whilst in the process of breaking the F2!