Other Dives

Other dive sites

Other dives within Scapa Flow include many different wrecks sunk both during the wars and after, these include:

The remaining scrap sites of the German Fleet - 11 sites containing the leftovers of the salvage work. The largest of these is the Bayern Gun Turrets. The salvage of the Bayern left the four 15 inch main gun turrets lying on the sea bed in 36 - 40 metres of water.

SMS Seydiltz a scrap site lies in 20 metres of water. Two guns, an anchor, plus numerous exciting bits of wreckage and sea life.

Also the remains of the destroyers V83 and S54 remain in shallow water.

Two civilian ships which were under the command of the royal navy, the Strathgarry, a boom defence vessel sunk in 60m in Hoxa Sound, and the Rodean (ex-Roebuck), a former passenger ship converted to minesweeping sunk in Longhope bay in 15m of water. This was dispersed due to navigation hazards, but a good chunk of the ship remains.

The James Barrie was a Hull registered steam trawler which hit the Pentland Skerries and sunk whilst being towed into Scapa Flow. She lies on her starboard side in 42m off water normally in very good visibility.

Also in Hoxa Sound is the wreck of the UB116 a WWI U-boat which was depth charged near the end of the war. Unfortunately a botched salvage attempt in the 1970s has blown the wreck apart - however much remains of the wreck, again with good visibility.