Dive Briefings

This is what we do best – every week is a history week on Huskyan

This is what we do best – every week is a history week on Huskyan

“Streets ahead of any other UK dive boat. Learn more about wrecks in 1 week than you’ll learn in 10 years of wreck diving elsewhere.” Joli Riley

A natural story teller with the ability to ignite your imagination so that even a non-diver will feel that they know the ships.

Emily brings the wrecks to life using vivid descriptions, exquisite photographs, scan images and drawings. Her multimedia dive briefings and history talks are now famous all delivered in the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of Huskyan’s saloon. 

Ben & Emily like nothing more than talking shipwrecks except maybe diving shipwrecks! With over 30 years combined experience diving the German Fleet if there's something you want to see they can tell you how to get there. If you see something you don't recognise they can probably tell you what it is. If you find something new – they will do their upmost to identify it.

“Second time in Scapa and this trip was by far a better experience. Emily balances personality with professionalism. That plus wreck knowledge and sheer passion for diving makes MV Huskyan the only choice.” Ian Wetherall